Battalog Rules

Battalog 10 Commandments

It's been a long time coming but not only have East Coast Dre (@AndreCole) and The Professor (@abjrphd) returned to the podcast, but we FINALLY come up with the rules for the long-anticipated battle of HipHop catalogs ... aka the Battalog!

But along the way to the rules we hit topics from superheroes, graffiti writers, and Movie Pass to face tattoos, The Chi, and the TR-808. We also get into a debate over whether Large Professor is a victim or a villain in the Main Source classic Looking at the Front Door.

BHN featuring Snoop

GOML Snoop Dogg

The Get Off My Lawn podcast's most controversial segment, Busted His Nut is back! This time we look at Snoop Doggy Dogg and identify the exact moment when he exhausted his lyrical reservoir. Plus, in the wake of Best Buy's decision to kill off CDs, J reminisces on the dawn of the dawn of free music. And we discuss 50 Cent's brutal Rick Ross deathbed diss.

• 04:07 — 50 Cent

• 10:41 — RIP CDs

• 30:15 — Busted His Nut: Snoop

Taking Ls at 4:44

Get off my lawn 4:44

In this episode, the Black Cloud (@AndreCole) gets the last laugh as J (@HipHopTaliban) takes his Jay-Z L like a man as Professor Belk (@abjrphd) joins in to break down Shawn Carter's brilliant piece of HipHop art, 4:44, track by track.  Also: 360 record deals, the lost art of sampling, the end of ATCQ?

No Ni--a Pass


When comedian Bill Maher brought in a Black panel to slap his wrists over a joke in which he called himself a “house ni--a,” HipHop heads took note as lifelong ni--a (the word) advocate, ni--a (the word) promoter, and serial ni--a (the word) abuser Ice Cube decided to be HipHop’s ambassador in the spectacle, despite the fact that it is a word he has singlehandedly done more to promote and popularize among white people than anybody. 

In this episode, JC (@HipHopTaliban), East Coast Dre (@AndreCole), and the Professor (@abjrphd) tackle the controversy, the history, the pain, the hypocrisy, and the complexities of the most the most explosive word in the English language and HipHop’s most common … and we do jump all over white privilege. So sorry cool non-Black people, no “ni--a passes” will be issued!

We also examine clever uses of the word in HipHop; Pay tribute to Prodigy; Whether Jay-Z will actually evolve as an artist; and how grown HipHop heads deal with the trolls!

I am Phife: His words + His rhymes

I am Phife

What was initially intended to be just a quick, fairly typical mix in honor of Malik Taylor, aka Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest evolved into "I am Phife: His Words + His Rhymes," a 2-hour tribute to the 5-foot Assassin that includes all of (and only) Phife's verses from the 3 classic ATCQ albums, along with interview clips and the genre-spanning music used to create the Quest soundscape HipHop heads fell in love with more than 25 years ago! — Provided exclusively to the Get Off My Lawn Podcast from DJ Boolix (@DJBoolix)

New Music, Old School, & Old Men

Get Off My Lawn Podcast New year Old Men

In this episode J (@HipHopTaliban) and Andre “East Coast Dre” Cole (@Andre Cole) discuss their differing opinions on the 2016 releases from A Tribe Called Quest, Common, and De la Soul; Yasiin Bey’s middle finger to the City of Angels; the discography battle royale; and some fu-k him thoughts going out to America’s new president.

Check the Al Dunbar page for throwback audio to a classic Mos Def show.

We Pity The Fools

In this episode J (@HipHopTaliban) and East Coast Dre (@Andre Cole) tackle HipHop's growing generational divide, with a focus on the recent beef between legendary HipHop producer Pete Rock and new school rappers Young Dolph and Lil Yachty, and how the revelation of boxer and serial abuser Floyd "Money" Mayweather's illiteracy is both a reflection of and a cautionary tale against what's happening in HipHop. 

Plus we deal with alpacas, Obamas, extra credit, The Magnificent 7, Tarantino, Digable Planets, and surprises and disappointments from the BET HipHop Awards.

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The Incredible Hate

Just how many things can three old angry HipHop heads hate on in one podcast? In this episode Andre Cole (@andrecole) and Dr. Adolphus Belk Jr. (@abjrphd) join J (@HipHopTaliban) to look at 1994 and wrap up their investigation of when HipHop went off the rails. And along the way we get a laundry list of things the fellas hate, including, but not limited to, instructional dance, Juvenile, Bill O'Reilly, Regulators, Slavery, the death of Freddie Gray and much, much more. 

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Is Mos Def HipHop's Matt Cassel?

On the heels of his arrest in South Africa for overstaying his visa and trying to pass a "World Passport," and his announcement that he is retiring from the music biz, we wonder aloud if Mos Def/Yasiin Bey is the Matt Cassel of HipHop — a guy whose career had some brilliant early moments that he could never manage to live back up to. 

Plus, the OG iPod makes its return, serving up 5 randomly selected songs for J (@HipHopTaliban), East Coast Dre (@AndeCole) and MJ (@MJXM) to review. And we get schooled on snowblowers, refrigerators, sewer taxes, and the wacky world of New Jersey homeownership. 

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CSI: HipHop Pt. 2

In part 2 of our multi-part investigation into what went SO wrong with HipHop, when it happened and who was responsible, Andre Cole (@andrecole) and Dr. Adolphus Belk (@abjrphd) join J (@HipHopTaliban) to take a look at 1993, the critical year HipHop began to take a definite turn (for the worst, depending on your perspective).  And along the way we also take on Fatherhood and Fat Gooses ... ooh ooooooh!

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What had happened was ...

The best laid schemes of Podcasters and men often go awry. And that has been the case over the past few months. In this episode J (@HipHopTaliban) explains the reason for the unexpected GOML hiatus and lays out the plan for 2016. We take a look at the Biggie Blockbuster Mash-up and send a tribute out to a fallen HipHop friend.

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Is Gen X done with HipHop?

In this episode East Coast Dre (@AndreCole) and MJ (@matthewjxmalady) aka Thurgood join J (@HipHopTaliban) to discuss whether HipHop is still palatable to the middle-aged members of Generation X. Based on the eight volumes of smooth jazz remixes issued by Hidden Beach Records, the answer may be "No." Forget the Whip It Nae Nae, the most impressive dance move is the Moonwalk Mos Def performed as he retracted the rap battle challenge he issued to the entire HipHop universe. We also acknowledge the enduring popularity of lemonade. 

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